3 Elements That Can Make or Break Your Bathroom Design

If you are designing your new home or remodelling your old one, you might right now be scratching your head about styling your bathroom. That’s exactly why you are here. Congrats! Because you are in the perfect place. In this blog, we will discuss the three elements that can make or break your bathroom design. Read till the end and by then, we are sure you will have chalked out a rough blueprint of your dream bathroom.

  1. Space

If you already have a massive area allocated for your bathroom, then hoorah! Play around with colours and textures to design a deluxe bathroom that leaves your guests wonderstruck. 

But if the walls of your bathroom enclose a small area, you need to hear this. You can create an illusory effect to make your bathroom look spacious. Here’s how.

Eliminate Visual Barriers 

The more compartmentalized your bathroom is, the smaller your space looks. Therefore, additional walls that divide the room are a big no. Yes, am talking about heavily printed glasses confining your bathtub.

Instead, you can use clear glass that reflects more light and makes the room appear commodious. If you want to add a dash of style, then you can look for transparent or translucent sealskin shower curtains and hang them outside of your bathtub. They are sleek, stylish, and second to none in accentuating the interior of your bathroom.

Maintain Continuity

The more unified your floor, walls, and ceiling look with each other, the larger they will make your bathroom look. Therefore, use the same tiles for your floor and walls. That minimizes segmentation.

Choosing a Ceiling Color? Be Smart

Paint your ceiling with the same shade if you can. However, if you want to go for a change, use a lighter shade. Darker colours absorb light and make the walls appear closer than they actually are. This can make your small bathroom look even tinier. This is why all-white bathrooms are never out of fad. 

Big or Small Tiles?

Another hack to design a spacious bathroom is to use larger tiles. Smaller tiles mean more dividing lines between the tiles. This makes the design of the floor space cluttered, shrinking the appearance of its size. Therefore, bust your myth bubble that smaller rooms should take smaller tiles. 

Magnificent Mirrors are The Way to Go

That tiny little mirror on the wall, right above your sink is the culprit for your teeny-weeny-looking bathroom. Replace that with a big mirror, one almost covering the wall, and see the magic. The light big mirrors reflect can do wonders to your bathroom space.

  1. Light

Your bathroom lighting can completely change the design story. You need to plan it in a way that it pampers you perfectly at all times of the day- wakes you up but doesn’t jolt you awake, refreshes you but doesn’t throw your sleep out of the window. 

You can achieve this by adding three layers of lighting. They include:

  • Ambient lighting- lights which uniformly illuminate all parts of the room. The best example of ambient lighting is ceiling lighting.
  • Task lighting- these include lights that help you perform a particular task like makeup or shaving. Task lights can be perfectly angled sconces or chandeliers around your mirror that result in a clear reflection of your face.
  • Accent lighting- these lights accentuate artistic elements and corners of your bathroom. You can choose to skip it. But incorporating that will mean a significant amp-up of your bathroom’s interior.
  1. Plumbing Fixtures

These are the most crucial elements of your bathroom. While making the purchase keep in mind the area of your bathroom. That will help you decide the size of the fixtures. You sure don’t want to zig-zag your way from your toilet to shower to vanity. Therefore, choose bathroom fittings in sizes that leave ample room for you to move around freely. 

Besides, the number of finishes, styles, and technology of the fixtures in the market is overwhelming. But ensure that your fixtures are of the same style to bring about a cohesive look in your bathroom. 

Last but not least, prioritize your convenience. The height of the sink and toilet, the depth of the bathtub, and the type of shower heads must make you comfortable. It is worthless to style your bathroom at the cost of your comfort. 


Play with the space, place the lights strategically, and make the plumbing fixtures complement each other. If you take note of these three things while designing your bathroom, then the outcome is bound to surprise you. Happy designing!


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